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From the Chairman's Desk

We are living in village where we not only compete with ourselves but with the world also. But reality lies in the use of available resources which can only be said lies in the hands of the quality education we receive at the different corners of the country. Really, the concept that the future of our country lays in side the classroom is the key of our success. To me, the teacher should follow the constructivist approach both for himself and for the students so that they would be able to be well versed with different skills of teaching leading them to answer the basic question for why we are still far away from different answers needed immediately in the mean time of crisis.

Sai Mohan College of Education, a hub of knowledge not only gives emphasis on the quality products but also believes in the concept that we should respect the society where we live.

This college is basically based on the philosophy of The Lord Sai Baba. It is the contribution of The Sai Baba Educational Society which aims at serving the people in different ways.

I, the chairman of this college assure you that the college will not only change your personality but imbibe the vision of life through which you can taste the success in every field.

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